The Firkin Group of Pubs is the largest & most dominant chain of traditional English pubs in North America. Firkin thirsty? It’s the perfect place to enjoy a pint or two with great food and great friends. Firkin Hungry? Our welcoming atmosphere and sparkling personality mixed with your local flavor creates a neighbourhood hangout everyone can agree on.


We currently have 44 Firkin Pubs open throughout North America, and more than 180 more pubs in development. Our Firkin's are everywhere from business and power centers to urban areas and university districts.

Every pub is a little different. One’s just right for you.

Modeled after a traditional English pub, each Firkin
is unique to its neighbourhood, and carries a name of
a familiar mascot paired with the Firkin, such as
‘The Firkin & Fox’, or the ‘The Firkin & Hound’.

The Firkin brand is cheeky and irreverent and
appeals to a broad base of consumers! For over 20 years, Firkin Pub’s founders, franchisees, and followers have been creating the authentic English Pub Experience.


The Firkin Group of Pubs is a full-service restaurant and pub serving lunch, dinner, brunch and late-night fare. Traditional Firkin Pubs average 3,000- 4,500 square feet. Non-traditional, smaller footprint pub prototypes are available for non-traditional sites like the Firkin & Fox in Dulles Airport, or at universities, hotels, or sports arenas. Restaurant conversion opportunities are also considered.


Our Firkin training helps franchisees learn about running a successful and most importantly, profitable business. Every franchisee is required to complete an intense, mandatory training session over the course of 4 weeks that encompasses every aspect of the Firkin business. From day one, franchisees also have access to highly coveted, one of a kind, training materials.

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Firkin seeks ambitious area developers and entrepreneurs who, in the end, dream of building and operating a “company of pubs”. The Firkin Group of Pubs offers two franchising programs:

  • Multi-Unit Franchisee: Build and manage a multi-unit restaurant company
  • Area Development Agent (Master Franchise)

If you have ever thought about owning a “company of pubs,” please click here for more information or call us at 1.877.Firkin.4 (1.877.347.5464)

  • Units: 44 Firkin Pubs Open (28 ON, 1 BC, 15 US)
  • Units in development: 180
  • Franchise Fee: $40,000
  • Start Up Costs: $397,850 – $1,202,000 per Franchise Disclosure Document
  • Square Feet: 3,000- 4,500
  • Guests: 80-150 plus bar

For full franchise information, including a break-down of start up costs and royalty information, please request more information here.

What is the Firkin’s positioning and master plan for the future?

Firkin is now, and always intends to be the largest and most dominant English Pub Chain in North America. We currently have 44 pubs open with another 180 in development. Over the next few years, the Firkin foresees having over 1,000 pubs in development.

Who is the ideal Firkin franchisee?

An ambitious entrepreneur who, in the end, dreams of owning a large, multi-unit pub company covering either an entire market or a large section of a market to build and operate a “company of pubs”. Firkin Pubs operate well in urban markets, suburban markets, entertainment areas, lifestyle and power centers. We want franchisees that understand the power and value of penetrating a market. When you visit our headquarter market you will see how well a market can truly be penetrated.

Is financing available?

Firkin is approved by the SBA Franchise Registry. The SBA Franchise Registry has streamlined eligibility guidelines and operating procedures that will reduce costs and processing time, making the franchising process as fast and easy as possible.

Does Firkin assist with Real Estate?

Yes, Firkin assists with Real Estate, décor and construction, furniture/fixtures/equipment purchasing, food/beverage purchasing and distribution, etc.

Are there any locations across North America that a Firkin franchisee would not have access to necessary vendors?

No, our vendors are accessible across North America.

How do I become a Firkin Franchise?

Interested? Well let’s get Firkin started! Please fill out our Information Form and a Firkin representative will contact you to set up a meeting where both sides assess whether or not there is a fit. click here